StyleGenie 1st Anniversary - #StyleAcademy2017

A week ago, the first ever Styling Subscription box - StyleGenie - celebrated their 1st Anniversary at Society Lounge Makati. Big names from the fashion industry shared inspiring talks on how to cop a makeup look, how to create fashion statements, what's in store for you in the fashion industry and the like. 

Few of the chosen StyleGenie StyleAmbassadress shared the whole day with these Style Gurus and exchanged knowledge about beauty and fashion.

Here's the list of the talks from the experts in their field that made StyleGenie's Style Academy 2017 a big success:

Makeup 101 with Ana Victorino
Ana is a well-known beauty blogger - sister of StyleGenie's CEO Abbie Victorino - shared some tips on how to draw the perfect brows using Benefit cosmetics. 

"Eyebrows frame the face. Therefore, it's good to have them clean, visible, and shaped to match the natural shape of the face."

Blogging with a Purpose with Shai Lagarde of Love Chic
Shai is also a well-known beauty and style blogger that not only showcase topics about beauty, style, and fashion, but also empowers her readers on what blogging is all about.

She discussed how to map your blogging goals by having a VOICE.
V - vision. What do you want to happen?
O - output. Platforms and channels.
I - identity. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out?
C - character. The core values of VOI.
E - experience. These are the good and bad things in your life that help build your C.

Digital Marketing for Influencers with Christopher Star

3 Basic A's that Chris disscussed on how to be a real influencer:

Attract Attention
Amuse the Audience
Ask for Action

Making your Statement with Janno Novenario

Janno shared his journey on styling celebrities like Yeng Constantino and KZ Tandigan. Making a fashion statement means creating a signature style.

Taking Risks in Fashion by Tal De Guzman
Tal is an entrepreneur and the owner of Risque Designs - an artisan footware brand that offers different shoes designed based on Filipino legends inspiration.

Starting a Career in Fashion by Chynna Mamawal
Chynna, a former Marketing employee of SM Malls, decided to start her own career in couture fashion. She discussed few possible careers in fashion such as Retail Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Designing, etc.

Your Style Can Do Magic by Bea Constantino
Knowing your body type helps you decide what type of clothes you should wear. Do you want to accentuate your shoulders or hide your tummy? Bea has been in the fashion industry for 15 years and as a well-known celebrity stylist, she is an expert in her field and shows an exceptional talent in styling.

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