Basic Vanity Kit Essentials

Admit it or not, most girls have their vanity kit inside their bag. These kits are our lifesavers whenever we fail to do our routines in the morning especially if rushing to school or office late. Honestly, I do my makeup in the office because commuting is so much hassle and doing my makeup at home will just make me look worse during the travel time. I consider this vanity kit as a savior whenever I need to do retouches in the office. What's inside my vanity kit?

I have a mini moisturizer that I got from Sample Room. I don't have the full-sized yet but I'm planning to get the Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care moisturizer (299php). I make sure that before doing my makeup, my face is moisturized so as not to look and feel dry.

Eyebrow Powder / Makeup
This product will never be missing inside a kikay girl's vanity kit. I have the Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake (180php at Althea). I used to have eyebrow pencils but I recently went crazy over powders as it seems natural-looking for me.

Eye Liner
My ultimate lifesaver whenever I need to make an instant change to my looks. It gives accent to the eyes that makes it look bigger. Rucy's Vanity Liquid Eyeliner (160php at Rucy's Vanity) is my current fave as it creates thin strokes of eye liner, just perfect for basic day look.

I rarely use mascara but we have those days where we just feel like wearing extra make up! Rucy's Vanity Gleamy Lavish Mascara (180php at Rucy's Vanity) creates longer lash illusion when used.

I always carry with me a nude lipstick. It's a to-go essential especially if you need a quick retouch of your makeup. Sometimes lipsticks add extra color to your face. Amok Premium Strong Fix Lipstick (371php at Althea) is very pigmented and easy to swipe. Will last long to your lips for almost 7 hours.

Blush On
Adding splash if pink creates extra color to the cheekbones! Abbamart Shy Smile Blusher Pearl (260php at Althea) comes with a bit shimmer to act as blush on + semi-highlighter

Brushes steps up the makeup gane as it helps apply the makeup better than usual. It's My Angled Foundation Brush (192php at Althea) is my current brush favorite because of its soft bristles and feels.

Powder foundation is good for touchups and quick makeup retouch. If you have two way cakes, it also works like liquid when it comes to coverage. My Silkygirl All-in-One BB Foundation helps reduce oil and creates a natural look.

There you go. What are your vanity kit essentials?

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