Battle of Eyebrow Makeup: Pencil, Powder or Gel?

Beauty experts often tell us that the brows define our facial expression. The shape of the arches can bring an impression on how you look -- Do you look snob? Do you look sweet? Do you look angry? -- and it is considered as the most challenging feature of the face?

We end up doing our brows properly every time we do our make up because perfectly shaped brows means, great make up. For most ladies, we always say Kilay is Life. Because, kilay is really life! But which product really bring the brows into life?

Eyebrow pencils are usually the cheapest one to get. As you can have a good grip of the eyebrow pencil, it is easier to fill and shape the brows and it also gives a good and precise hair-like finish. It is the basic essential on every woman's vanity kit. Applying light strokes that follow your natural brow line is the key to a precise application and seem to be the easiest to work with.

Eyebrow powders are perfect for sparse brows that need a lot of filling in. Since it is not waxy like pencil ones, it makes the hair of the brows more dense and full. Eyebrow powders is also best for ladies who has thick eyebrow hair because most of the time, pencils don't work for them. Powders are good fillers too after lining the brows with pencil!

Eyebrow gel is best for unruly eyebrow hair that nerds to be kept in place. It has a sticky consistency that acts like a hairspray to secure the look on your brows. It is also effective to those who have thick eyebrows to tame and shape them properly. Eyebrow gels are usually in a form of tube and mascara-like container, or mini tubs with applicator. It is also the most long-wearing among the three.

Bonus tip:
You can use a browcara make the brow hair more define and groomed. Browcara is usually used by ladies who have dyed hair to match the brow color to their hair. It is a gel-based formula that delivers natural-looking brows and can make it look 3D and have a nice texture. 

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