Beginner's Guide to Basic Make Up Brushes

You probably have wondered why there are 24pcs to 36pcs brush set in the market and how can you utilize them all on your face. Does it really have to be a different brush when blending eyeshadows? Why do we need a separate brush for liquid and powder foundation?

If you're a beginner and wondering why do you need makeup brushes to step up your makeup game, here's a quick guide to know the basic makeup brushes and what it is for.

Basic Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Powder Brush
Powder brushes usually have fluffier bristles in round shape. It is used for loose powders or even pressed ones.

Foundation Brush
Foundation brushes can be used to apply liquid foundations, without streaks and creases. It is usually in flat or flat kabuki form.

Blush Brush
Blush brush looks almost the same as powder brush, only that it is a bit smaller. It is used to apply cheek powder make ups

Brow Brush
Brow brushes are often angled and has a thin and stiff end. It is used to apply brow powders and gels to create a fine brow design.

Eye liner Brush
Liquid eye liners usually have a mini brush included in the package, but if you want to apply your eye liners in a more precise way, using eye liner brush is the best. It can make you grip the brush like a pen so you can form your winged eye liner on fleek better. Eye liner brush can be used on liquid or gel eye liners.

Lip Brush
Lip brushes has a small and flat fibers that can be great for precise application. If you don't want your lipstick to be too  sticky or cake-y, using lip brushes help apply lip products professionally.

Concealer Brush
Concealer brushes are usually thin and has a small brush head that can be used with cream or liquid concealer to hide redness or dark circles and other skin imperfection.

Advanced Makeup Brushes

Eye Shadow Brush
If you're a makeup rookie and doesn't use that much eye shadow, there are few kinds of eye shadow brush.

  • Eye Shadow Base Brush - Used to apply eye shadows on the lids. It is a flat brush that can also be used for blending the eye shadows.
  • Eye Shadow Blending Brush - It is used to blend mixed eye shadow shades to create a more dramatic look.
Contour Brush
Contour brush is used to shape the cheeks, jawline, and nose to accentuate and give a highlighting effect. It is often an angled shape brush

Highlighter Brush
The highlighter brush usually features soft bristles and fibers. It is used to apply highlighters and bronzers to give a little shine on nose, cheeks, and forehead.

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