Feature: Rucy's Vanity Cosmetics + #MOTD

If you have been following me for quite sometime, you probably have noticed how I love Korean Cosmetics and Skincare. I have reviewed a couple of K-beauty products and it will not stop there. But did you know that of all the Korean products I have reviewed and is out the market, there is this brand who offers a very affordable and quality cosmetics and skincare? Yep! You can buy their products below 400 pesos. Behold, Rucy's Vanity.

I've been hearing lots of good feedbacks about this brand and I'm happy that I get to try some of their products. Rucy's Vanity's packaging is very minimalistic unlike the usual Korean products with cutesy boxes and designs. It will surely attract minimalistic beauty enthusiasts because it will surely don't break your bank.

Don't believe me? Here are their respective prices:

BB Cream - Php200
I am in love with this BB Cream. A little goes a long way. Honestly, this small amount of BB Cream can cover the whole face. It has light to medium coverage that has a dewy finish. It doesn't cake and oil at all.

Lip & Cheek Red - Php80
Another dual purpose product. I have tried this lip and cheek tint when I was still in college and I must admit that this little tube can add extra color to your face. Small amount can make the lips and cheeks kissable. I don't like the finish when applied to the cheeks because it is sticky and cannot be spread easily. It's good on the lips, though. 

Eyebrow Pencil - Php80
This eyebrow pencil is very pigmented. One swipe, you can get the shade that you want. One con is that, it doesn't have a spoolie brush on the other end to blend it on the brows so you have to have another spoolie brush. It is retractable that can easily break so you have to be careful extending the pencil.

Mascara - Php 180
The mascara makes the lashes look thicker. It is not too sticky so it doesn't build up and make the hairs of the lashes stick together. It is very easy to apply and the wand doesn't hurt the end of the lashes.

Eyeliner - Php160
Very pigmented and black! I love how black it is and how it adds extra accent to the eyes. Since it is not a pen liner, it's quite hard to balance the thickness on the lids if you're not a pro. The brush easily glides on the lids and creates a good eye line.

Here's a shameless #MOTD using Rucy's Vanity cosmetics above 😉

You can buy Rucy's Vanity Cosmetics and Skincare at their website: http://rucysvanityph.com

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