The Saem Max Perfection Firming Multi Cleanser - Review

With the innovation of cosmetics and skin care in the market, there are some new products that you never thought existed and what it can do to your skin. As the Korean invasion (be it K-beauty or K-Drama!) continues, almost everyone wanted to have fair skin like Koreans, and I would like to share one of Korea's well-known skincare brand; The Saem and its Max Perfection Firming Multi-Cleanser. 

I got this from Althea Vitamin Box few months ago.

The Saem's Max Perfection Firming Cleanser is Rich in Vitamin B and D, Truffles extract prevent dryness with naturally derived ingredients. The oil-to-foam cleanser removes heavy make up at once.

The cleanser comes in a bottle with pump nozzle to easily dispense the product.

This kind of product is new to me. I have never tried an oil-based cleanser before because first, I hate oil. Second, there's not much oil cleansers available in the market yet. This cleanser easily removes make up well. I love the soft fruity scent. See below photos for testimony on make up removal:

I used some of my strongest and pigmented cosmetics for this test (Colourpop lipstick, Pixy eyeliner, amd a random eyeliner) to see if it will really remove make ups that cannot be easily remove. And tadaaa! Though it was quite hard to really remove the Colourpop swatch, I am impressed that this cleanser helps remove make up easily than other make up removers.

This is definitely for keeps!

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  1. How does it smell? It looks really promising.

    1. Hi Elle! It smells like a mild scent of fruit. Not too fruity. But not unscented too.

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