Here's why you need to subscribe to StyleGenie Surprise-Me Box

Getting dressed is to express the inner fashionista in you. Most of the time, how you dress is how people judge you (sorry, but I find it true to some!) which is why dressing up isn't always easy, especially for ladies. It's frustrating how hard it is to choose the right pair for your #ootd and date night that is why StyleGenie is here to help.

As you know, StyleGenie is the first ever styling and clothing subscription box in the Philippines. And here are a few reasons why you need to subscribe to their StyleGenie Surprise-Me Box.

You'll never get frustrated styling for any occasion. StyleGenie has style experts that will help curate your box and surprise you with 2-3 pieces of clothing for that special occasion. Simply take a style profile quiz and let the genies do the styling for you!

Your closet wishes granted. StyleGenie aims you to be the best version of yourself so they take away the hassle of dressing up every morning for you.

StyleGenie gives you access to unique pieces of clothing. They individually pick the style based on your profile quiz so you can instantly change your wardrobe.

Dress up and Slay! Because the pieces of clothing are specifically handpicked for you (and only you!) you're sure that there is a 10% chance you will see someone wearing the same clothes as you.

New outfits for every Surprise-Me Box. If you're the type who doesn't want repeating clothes in a week (or a month?), you must try to subscribe to StyleGenie Surprise-Me Box!

You'll never ever say you have nothing to wear anymore. No more clothes? No problem. StyleGenie is always to the rescue. For only Php899, you will have the chance to be styled by StyleGenie's style experts and receive their recommended #ootd in no time!

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