Make Up + Photography Workshop with CAVA

Have you ever wanted to try to learn how to do basic and advanced make up? As a beauty blogger, it is an opportunity to discover tips and tricks on how to enhance your beauty and a chance to broaden your knowledge when it comes to make up atistry.

Last April 7, 2017, I was invited by Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts to be a part of LIGHTS, SHADOWS, and MAKE UP: A Make-up and Phone Photography Workshop headed by Hazel Gonzales, the Creative Director for HG Studio and CAVA. 

The 4-hour workshop aimed to discuss the basic day and night make up look and how to utilize your mobile phone when it comes to photography. It was an intimate workshop with few of today's finest beauty bloggers.

LIGHTS, SHADOW, and MAKE UP workshop began with the basic of doing make ups. Brows, Cheeks, Lips. As for me, a basic day make up should be as simple as possible. Day make up is effective for office and school environments and night make up is perfect for parties and night outs.

Hazel Gonzales, the Creative Director of Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts taught us how to do basic day and night make up in three simple steps. (I'm going to try it out on myself so look for my day and night make up look at the bottom of the blog!)

A Day Make Up Look is consist of Foundation, Eyebrow, and Lipstick (Blush On is a plus!) Since most ladies can't go outside without their brows on, a light and simple brow color can go a long way. Choose whether you want eyebrows on fleek or sophisticated! (PS: I didn't know there are several types of eyebrows but I'm happy to show it to you soon)

Choosing the right foundation.
Many of us struggle finding the right shade of foundation. Sales ladies taught us to swatch foundations at the back of our hands to know if it matches our skintone. But! Bad news, ladies. If you want to really know if it is the right shade for you, test it on your neck or jaw bones! The skin at the back of your hand and your face skin is different. 

How will you know if it is the right foundation?
The foundation works on you if you do not need to retouch 1 hour after application. If it oils or it cakes within an hour, toss that out.

For the lips
Choose a nude or pink lipstick to finish your look. Day make up should look like a no-make up look. As much as possible, do not wear loud shades. 

Put blush on to balance the look.

Night Make Up
We all have that moment where we have an unexpected night out with friends and you wouldn't want to look pale and boring. Ms. Hazel taught us a few steps to retouch your day make up into night make up!

Smokey eyes
"Yep, I smoke. But only on my eyes!"
Smokey eyes is the best of all smokes. Srsly. Just cover and blend a gray or black eyeshadow to do a smokey eye look and you will instantly look ready-to-party. (Extra: Add eyeliner on your lids and mascara or falsies to add accent to your eyes)

To get rid of your chubby cheeks, softly contour your cheek bones! You will definitely look slimmer. No diet needed. Lol.

Now it's time to bring that loud red lipstick out of your vanity. Apply your desired lipstick to balance the look.

Mobile photography

With today's technology, everything is getting handy. Instead of bringing your high-end cameras and gadgets, learn how to utilize your mobile phone. Easy and convenient. No need to bring bulk camera bags.

I can drop it easily now. The secret to mobile photography is natural light and the power of photo editing apps. I am sure that most of us believe that natural light brings vibrance to mobile photos than those taken under incandescent and indoor light. Most of the time, if the photo was taken in good lighting, editing it is no longer necessary. But still, to enhance and bring more beauty, the help of photo editing apps like Photoshop, VSCO, Snapseed, etc, is helpful to a successful mobile photography.

JC Gellidon took over our photography class for that day and showed us how taking shots from his iPhone landed him his job today. Who would have thought that your mobile photography skills can bring you into the professional world of photography?

As promised, here is my day and night make up look:

Photo op with CAVA's team and beauty bloggers ❤


The event is sponsored by Lui + Elle Fragrances and Mireh Manna Bakery Cafe

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Im interested with those several types of eyebrows hihi ����

  2. Beautiful dear! Pretty day and night look :) I always wanted to do like a regular makeup look but I really just can't put it together. LOL :p When in cosplay, I can easily draw it differently, my face that is! :p

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  3. Wow ang galing sana someday mka attend din ako ng gnayng makeup workshop ..

  4. Wow this is so cool. I could make use of a workshop like this since my makeup skills are pretty moot.

  5. Hi Anne! CAVA is having a make up class on April 21-22. You might want to join. Details on their Facebook page :)