Blingsome Dual Eyebrow Tint - REVIEW

I started to be obsessed with eyebrow make up just when I realized that kilay is really life. I have reviewed quite a number of eyebrow make ups previously and I think I want to review more. So for today, here's a quick though about Blingsome Dual Eyebrow Tint.

Where can you buy? Althea Korea
This is around 410Php but as of checking, it is already sold out and Althea is no longer selling it.

I love dual purpose cosmetics because they save up space in your kikay kit.

The first tip and the swatch. The tip is like a pen eyeliner where you can easily draw it on your brows. The shade is quite light on my skin but when you draw it on your brows, it can make a dark shade.

The eyebrow mascara is very tinted. It can make the eyebrows look painted. It is very pigmented but doesn't stay long.

Using eyebrow mascara

Using eyebrow pen.

The product claims to stay for 7 days after tinted but doesn't really perform that well. If you can see on the brow swatches above, it did add colors to my brows however, when I washed it off, everything was gone. It looks like I didn't put anything. Well, it left brown marks but if you look closely, you will still not look like you didn't put anything on your brows.

I think this product is not effective for me or it didn't meet my expectations. I wanted to give it a try but I have used it a couple of times and didn't work for me.

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  1. Hello! How much po at saan po ito nabibili? I want to give it a try,. :)

  2. Sa watson po meron. 600plus i guess. Pero ndi tlaga sha effective �� pero pag ni swatch mo sha sa skin mo, ang tagal matanggal. Pero pag sa kilay na. Waley na. Ndi maganda yung effect.


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