Why do we need to use Sunscreen?

It's the beginning of a new year and for sure, a lot of us are planning our summer trips in the succeeding months. Whether you are going to the beach or staying at home, it is important to protect our skin from thr harmful UV rays of the sun. One of the most important thing to bring when travelling are sun protection products. There are lots of sun protection products in the market today, and it is best to know what these products are for. 

Did you know that excessive exposure to the sun causes the wrinkles and age spots on our faces?

What is sunscreen?
Sunscreen is a skincare product in a form of cream, spray, gel, or lotion that is used to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. It also prevents radiation from entering the skin and protects the skin against sunburn.

Why do we need to use sunscreen?
Using these sun protection products decreases the chances of having a sunburn and skin allergy and prevent skin cancer. It helps prevent skin discoloration and slows down having aging skin.

What to look for when searching for a sunscreen?
  1. Broad spectrum protection
  2. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30 or higher
  3. Water Resistance
However, you also need to keep in mind that to protect your skin from aging and cancer, do not prolong staying under the sun. The sun's rays are stronger from 10AM to 2PM so it is better if you are indoors during these hours.

Remember to apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply as needed or within 2 hours. Sunscreens with SPFs higher than 50 performs the same than those with SPF 50. 

The Belo SunExpert team has their range of sunscreens to choose from which is good both for the face and the body.

Providing broad spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, Belo SunExpert has Cell Protect ® technology the natural cell shield that strengthens the skin’s defense system and preserves moisture content.

The said active ingredient also maintains healthy, white skin while preventing accelerated premature skin aging or even skin cancer.

Belo SunExpert works effectively even for the most sensitive skin or the ones easily susceptible to sun damage. It boasts a non-greasy feeling with no harsh chemicals that might do more harm than good to the skin.

Using sunscreen should be your beauty resolution for 2017!

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  1. I rarely use suncreen, nakakalimutan ko talaga minsan. Buti na lang di na ko mahilig gumala nowadays. Thanks for reminding po. :)

    1. Hirap talaga if madaming rituals sa skin but now you know, using sunscreen should be your beauty resolution this year :)

  2. para iwas sunburn mam kya dapt gumamit tlga ng sunscreen..

  3. I love using sun screen ♡. Pero dapat piliin din yung magandang brand :)

  4. Parang feel ko yung sunscreen na spray lang. Medyo mas madali iapply kaysa sa cream.

  5. Nabasa ko lang din sa isang post ng Belo sa Instagram account nila.Kahit daw po nasa loob ng bahay need parin magApply ng sunscreen kahit nagluluto kalang...expose padin balat sa heat.

    1. Yes. Correct dear. Kasi sunblocks and sunscreens protects us sa heat.

  6. hi I'm Maria Fe Bernil my fb account is Maria Rotchen Alexa Lala
    love the Belo sunexpert product kaso lang ang hirap mkakuha sa sample room dahil nasa Surigao del Sur province kami, i really wanted to try