It's My Brush: Thoughts and Impressions

In my earlier years of blogging, I don't really know the importance of using brushes and why looking for a good quality brush is a must for every beauty blogger. As I am beginning my journey as a beauty blogger, I'm also beginning to invest on beauty tools so that it can help me perform better tasks when it comes to doing my make ups.

I bought these brushes from Althea and on my unboxing post, I shared how much these brushes are. Seriously, this is the most affordable quality brush that I bought so far. These brushes are below 200 when I bought them from Althea.

It's My Contour Brush - Php 180

It's My Angled Foundation Brush - Php 192

It's My Powder Brush - Php 192

It's My Eyebrow Brush - Php 60

I can drop it all this instant. These brushes are the softest! For a few months that I've been using these, the bristles never fall off. My favorite brush is the Powder Brush. I can tap it on my face all day. As for the usage, it automatically spreads the powder evenly on my face. I wish the contour brush is in black or brown. Though I do not use much contour, this brush is quite thick for contouring. But just like the powder brush, the bristles are soft as well. The angled foundation brush has a ticklish feeling when used. Its bristles are tight but the ends are soft that it's like having a face massage when you're using it. The Eyebrow brush is quite thick for the eyebrows, but it does its job to form and shape the brows when using a powder brow designer.

I have been using these brushes since last year and until now they are very sturdy. The handles are made in Aluminun and Wood. The bristles for the powder and contour brush is made of wool while for the angled foundation brush and the eyebrow brush, it's made of artificial wool. I'm planning to get the other brushes from Althea to complete this collection. Of course, I will share them to you guys! :)

These brushes are worth more than the price. You'll never regret buying one.

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