Feature: Prima Sassy Belle: A Local Beauty and Skincare Supplier

Hi sweeties! I'm trying out a new line of beauty and skincare and I'm excited to share to you a review of the products I got from Prima Sassy Belle. I got this package about a week ago and I'm in the process of road testing these products for you. I was very excited when I received the package because it's all pink! You know how much I fancy pink stuffs. I have already opened these to smell them and just to give you a hint, it smells good! Not too strong and not too unscented. Which is why the moment I opened the boxes, I immediately tried them all.

In the mean time, let me give you an overview of what Prima Sassy Belle is, and what products do they offer for you.

Prima Sassy Belle is a Filipino-owned direct-selling company that started on September 2016. A recently developed establishment that focuses on providing must-haves beauty, health and wellness products. Its main headquarters is situated in the city of Parañaque. The company operates primarily as distributor of full spectrum of products to satisfy every men’s as well as women’s beauty and body goals. The company’s product line varies from slimming coffee, slimming juice, healthy beverages, cosmetics, fragrances, whitening skin care products to satisfy each customer’s desire for achieving beauty inside and out. We take pride in offering you products with the highest quality in order to aid you to become the finest individual beyond compare.

Prima Sassy Belle is SEC Registered, BIR Registered, LTO approved, BFAD approved

All their products carry the name trademark PRIMA. PRIMA means being prime, greatest and finest. The aim is to make every customer the finest men and women they can be. It has been registered and patented at the Intellectual Property Office which mean all products are branded and protected legally. 

Product lines:

*FITRIM COFFEE – Achieve your dream perfect curves without sacrificing the love for coffee. Lose weight safely and enjoy the taste of sexy.
*CURVETRIM JUICE – Not a coffee lover? This is the perfect slimming juice for you. Achieve your dream body, slim down and lose weight successfully.

*BUAH MERAH BLEND – The main ingredient is BUAH MERAH which has natural medicinal power in helping to cure different diseases. This is healthy and refreshing juice drink, enriched complete vitamins and minerals for a stronger immune system.
*JAVAMERAH COFFEE - The main ingredient is BUAH MERAH which has natural medicinal power in helping to cure different diseases. This is your healthy dose of coffee anytime, anywhere.

*RADIANCE WHITE HAND AND BODY CREAM - The perfect whitening lotion that keeps the skin healthy, moisturized, protected and of course whiten the skin effectively. With SPF50 we assure you whole body protection against the sun’s harmful rays.
*LUMINANCE FACIAL TONER - Cleanses the skin and shrinks the appearance of pores. Removes the dust, pollution, and impurities. Most of all, moisturizes, whitens and reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
*GLUTAGEN WHITENING SOAP - Glutagen is made up of the combined power of Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Collagen components to deliver natural whitening results. With Snail Extract, to keep the skin tight, repair damaged cells and moisturizing.
*INTENSIWHITE SNOW CREAM - Moisturizes the skin, get rid of tired-looking face and revitalize the skin to provide a natural more glowing effect. The whitening actives penetrate from inside out in order to achieve a more flawless and whiter skin complexion. With SPF50 we assure you a great protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

*THERALAX MASSAGE OIL - The natural solution to stress is here. Theralax Relaxant Oil soothes and alleviates pain as well as those aching muscles. It has a warming effect on skin to help ease anxiety, fatigue and depression.
*HERBAL RUB - This is a perfect gentle massage to help relax, unwind, and ensure a good night's sleep. A blend of essential oils, eucalyptus and menthol to provide a soothing relief for those aches, pains and discomforts. 

*PRIMA PERFUME offers a fine quality and long lasting fragrances inspired from the most famous essences made in France. With 25% oil concentration, this will keep you smell good all day long.


1. LOUVRE = inspired by Incanto Shine
2. LEWD LICORICE = inspired by Bulgari Amethyst
3. SAPPHIRE ROSE = inspired by Lacoste Pink
4. SERENDIPITY = inspired by Paris Hilton
5. ENDURE = inspired by Lacoste Red
6. WILD BLUE = inspired by Paco Rabane

Address: Unit 24 Park and Shop Bldg. Dr A Santos Ave cor St. Rita Street, Sucat Road, Paranaque City
Contact #: 0905-378-9830
Email address: primasassybelle@gmail.com
Facebook: Prima Sassy Belle Corporation
Website: www.primasassybelle.com

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