Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer - Review

We all hate oil in our skin because it gives us the feeling of greasiness and unwanted shine. While there are several products to control oil, here's a unique one from Dearberry Philippines - the Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer.

I tend to be oily especially when the foundation I used has an oily after-effect, or if it is too sunny outside. Philippines, being a humid country, sometimes have this very hot weather that causes us to sweat. The tendency is to oil. While I have tried the oil control sheets, I find this Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer a good one to close the deal.

The packaging comes in a peach plastic mini tub that contains this paste-like texture product (Just like the Benefit Porefessional) and only costs Php 480.

It's not messy at all since when you try to apply it on the face, it dries matte. Plus, a small amount can cover the entire face.

The Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer's main function is to be a primer, but we found it convenient to use as an oil control cream as well. During the Dearberry Blog Con, the Dearberry distributors mentioned that of all the Dearberry product, this one is their favorite because it easily removes oil in the face. For me, it is very effective when I wanted to get rid of the grease because it serves as a powder in a cream form.

I like the finish on my face. As for being a primer, I tried using this as a make up base but sadly, it doesn't control the oil. It can function as a good make up base for the make up to stay longer, but being a base doesn't really control the oil. I prefer using this on times where my face starts to oil. One thing I realized is that you will dip your finger to get an amount of product so I suggest that you take a small amount using a small scoop so it will still be hygeinic to use.

The Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer is available on Distributors nationwide. If you are interested to try and buy, please PM me as I am selling Dearberry products.

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  1. I like that! totally pampalit sa powder! hehe, ayoko tlga ng powder na iapply sa mukha nor foundation na powder, kasi di ko matantsa kakalagay, I really prefer cream foundations! bet ko yan! matry nga yan! :D