Witch's Pouch Skinny Brush Big Marker Liner in Big Black- REVIEW

Hey sweeties! I'm back with a new review. I think I'm loving Korean cosmetics now! Not to mention how much I love liquid eye liners. Before I tried to learn how to do my brows, my favorite cosmetic is the liquid eyeliner. It gives too mucb emphasis on the eyes and makes you look more fierce. I have tried different kinds, but pen liners are my favorite because it's easier to glide than the ones with brushes.

I have found an amazing pen liner few weeks ago from Althea Korea. Behold, Witch's Pouch Skinny Brush Big Marker! The shade that I got is Big Black.

What it claims:
Clear finish with delicate and deep eyes, and polished eyeline.

Triple the prior amount. Not just a double but a triple!
High Elasticity skinny sponge tip. With a high elasticity tip, create a polished eyeline for any eye shapes.
Since it's a marker, no smudges. It dries quick like a marker. No worries for smudging.

Price: Php 800 (but you can buy it at Althea for Php 400 only)
Size: 1.2 g
Shades available: Big Black and Big Brown

The gigantic volume of 1.2 g that never runs out!

No concern for drying or leakage! With the airtight lid system, it minimizes leakage and drying.

No breakage with the direct refill method. With the direct refill method, repleneshing directly to the container without a filter, the tip never dries and draws an unbroken eye line!

It contains nature-derived plant extracts such as green tea, chamommilr, aloe vera leaf, etc which is the solution for minimizing the irritation around the eyes.

Because it's a pen, the superb stability and the grip feeling, you can draw the line with comfort like a pen.

As you can see on the photo, the liner is very pigmented. This is what I like with pen liners. They create lines so fine that you never have to worry of redoing all over again. Plus, it is easier to hold because you can hold it like a pen.

Below is a photo of me wearing Witch's Pouch Skinny Big Marker Liner. I took this photo in the morning before I go to work, and I was amazed how it stayed on my lids for the whole day! Swear! When I got hone even after raining, the liner didn't smudge. I even used Bifesta to remove the eyeliner and it took me almost five minutes to remove.

That's very impressive. I like cosmetics that don't wash off easily so you won't have to retouch all over. The previous pen liners I have tried doesn't have this long staying power. I'm giving this a 5/5 rating.

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