Missha The Style 4D Mascara - REVIEW

Hey sweeties! I've been very inactive this April because of some work-related and internet-related problems. Most of the time, our DSL connection is not working so I am not able to update my backlogs. Sometimes, I tell myself to do updates in the office but due to my Transactional Sales job, my only idle time is my break time and 1 hour is honestly, not enough for me to do updates. Weekends are the only free time I got to take photos and do drafts of my blogs. When I checked my make up boxes, there are a lot that I haven't used and reviewed yet, and I found this Missha 4D Mascara which I got from my Althea Beauty box that I received last February.

Aside from eye liners, I also like investing in mascaras. I don't know, these eye make ups just accentuate my gloomy eyes. I often get comments how dreamy and gloomy my eyes look without make up, so with the help of these eye heroes, I instantly turn from gloomy to fierce. 

Missha is a Korean brand. I'm sure most of us are not familiar of it since it's not yet here in Manila. Thanks to Althea Korea for letting us discover more Korean beauty products! 

Size: 4g
Price: Php198 

Product Claims:
Minimum Irritation
With vegetable cosmetic ingredients, irritation has been minimized to sensitive eye area.

Water Resistent
Not easily removed by water and sweat.

Complete your make up clearly with square brush, making your eyelashes look full and voluminous.

My verdict:
This product has two different types. The 3D and the 4D. Based on my research, the 3D one makes your lashes look longer, and the 4D makes your lashes have more volume. But I haven't used the 3D one so I wouldn't be able to compare. What I like about this is that it's really cheap at Php170. The brush is quite thick that gets enough amount of product for your lashes. Plus, it is smudge proof and waterproof which is really impressive for someone like me who always forgets that I have eye make up and ends up smudging my eyes. However, I didn't see any volume added to my lashes when I used this. It feels like a normal mascara and nothing really special. I was expecting a thicker set of lashes but unfortunately, it didn't happen. It just made my lashes look darker, but I couldn't barely notice  the effect at all.

Top: Without Missha Mascara
Bottom: With Missha 4D Mascara
Will I repurchase? Maybe.

Disclosure: I received this product for free included on my Althea Beauty box , but opinions are mine.