Plan: Eat Diet-Delivery - Review

2014 was the boom of diet delivery services here in Manila. I have seen a few colleagues from my former company who tried diet delivery services, but I find it too expensive to try. It was only two years after when I decided to join the bandwagon and try these diet delivery services. Afterall, I am seriously trying to lose weight now.

When I resigned from my past company in 2015, I gained a lot of weight. From 51kls, I am now 67!! OMYgosh. That's a lot. I stayed at home for 4 months and what I do is just eat, sleep, eat, and sleep. I seriously wanted to give my body a break on working, but it turned out that eating and sleeping all day doesn't make you any thinner. Haha.

While I have tried different kinds of diet stuffs, --from slimming coffees, tea, pills, juice. Name them. I tried almost all of them.-- some just doesn't seem to work and it makes me a lot frustrated because instead of losing weight, I am gaining more.

So I decided to try on these healthy food deliveries for a change. The first one I have tried is Plan: Eat Diet Delivery. I ordered 1500kcal. Pardon me as I am not a pro food blogger.

You can order from:
1200 kcal - 1200php
1500 kcal - 1500php
1800 kcal - 1800php
2000 kcal - 2000php

Menu for Feb 29-Mar 4

Day 1 (first photo)
What I think: The red velvet cream cheese muffin is the best! I wanted to have one box of it! So far my only concern is the orange fruit which has bruises on its skin. It's also not juicy enough so I wasn't satisfied. However for the rest of the meal, Day 1 is good. I also loved the Rosemary Pork Quinoa. I felt full the whole day until night. I didn't drink the coffee because I don't drink coffee at all.

Day 2
What I think: The cheesy mushroom burger is not cheesy enough. Plus I haven't seen any mushrooms at all. But it tastes good. The burger patty is very meaty and juicy. I just wish it's cheesier. The hawaiian fried rice is just ordinary, nothing special for me.

Day 3
What I think: The leche flan is the best! Not too sweet, just the right blend of eggs and milk. This mix of meals is great. When I first saw the chicken adobo, I was like Why?? It's too konti. However, it tastes like a normal adobo but it tastes like pork. So I was confused. It was indicated as brown rice but it wasn't served as brown rice, just brown fried rice.

Day 4
What I think: The strawberry pancake doesn't taste like it has a strawberry on it. I was digging to my last taste buds to taste the strawberry but I couldn't taste it. The peanut butter sauce tastes good, very home made. I also liked the caramel cheese toast, but the shrimp pistachio pasta tastes weird for me.

Day 5
What I think: This is also one of my favorite set of meals. The muesli and fruit selection yogurt fits best together. The pan-fried tilapia was nicely steamed. I thought the three pieces wouldn't be enough for the rice serving, but to my surprise, it was enough! The salad mixture had a twist of spice, but tastes perfectly together.

Is it worth it? Hmm, for me, yes. Their meals, however, correspond to the price. You get what you pay for. Nothing looks special on my meals, haha. Plus, there's coffee everyday, but I don't drink coffee so my 1500 calories is decreased. Regarding delivery, I requested my meals to be delivered before 6am since my shift starts at 6am, and they deliver really early. You can even settle the payment anytime within the duration of your subscription! As to losing weight, I haven't checked yet, but I seriously feel light, and my tummy was trained to eat only a few amount of food during the weekend. I also don't feel starved at all. 

I subscribed for this week again. Let's see where this thing goes.
Happy Monday!

UPDATE: I subscribed from 3 weeks from this diet delivery service. So far, they are consistent with their delivery time, never been late on deliveries. However, most of the time, the meals are bland and boring, no taste at all (especially the pasta). Almost all pasta dishes tastes sour. I don't know if it's just the mixture or the food is spoiled. I decided not to subscribe to the following weeks anymore. I haven't noticed any amount of weight loss on me, by the way, but I'll still check my weight over the weekend. 


  1. Check your weight <3 Let's see the progress. Parang ang hirap mag pigil specially when staying at home for dinner. </3 tapos masarap pa mag luto mom mo right? Haha!

    1. Sobraaaa :( Sarap pa naman luto ni mudrabels. Tsk tsk! I subscribed for another week, malaman if I lost weight hihi

  2. doesn't look appetizing nga sis. pero masarap nman b??

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