Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in 1st Base

Happy Monday sweeties! It's almost the end of March. How fast can time fly? I only have 9 months left to complete my goals for 2016 and it's seriously fast. One of the goals I listed is to invest on beauty and skincare products. During my college days, I barely use stuffs like these. Loose powder and lip gloss is enough to pull off a chic teen look, but as I upgrade from teen to woman, my beauty and skin care needs also upgrades. Plus, my budget also upgrades. Haha.

My only cosmetic addiction is with lipsticks and eye liners. The rest, I don't normally use them. Honestly, I have a lot of lipsticks on my vanity table that I no longer use (which is why I am thinking of a blog sale soon). Anyways, for today, I will share a new brand that will be added to my lipstick collection: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks in 1st base.

I was about to get the Donut shade however it is not available on my office mate. However, I still reserved my slot for Donut once it is available. I hope you watch for that.

I bought this for P420 but price varies from different sellers. This is available at for $6 only but they do not ship outside USA yet, and I'm glad that my office mate sells one of these. But I'm not quite sure if this one is authentic (that I have to find out).

The liquid lipstick comes in a slim white box with holographic texts of Ultra Matte Lips on the other side, and a MADE WITH LOVE IN THE USA and the shade of the lipstick on both ends of the box. Inside the box comes with a slim posh tube with a silver cap (applicator), also with holographic text of "Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips".

For me, the packaging doesn't look cheap at all. You would instantly think that this is a high-end brand.

As usual, liquid lipsticks have this kind of applicator that easily glides and swipes on the lips.

1st base is a BARBIE shade which looks better on women with light to fair skin. By looking on the container, I thought it was a nude pink shade, but when applied to the lips, it looks barbie pink or Nicki Minaj pink which I am no longer a fan of. I was a fan of this kind of hot pink shade, however, I think that it doesn't suit my personality anymore. I think that I should try red shades soon.

Here's how it looks like when swatched & smudged.

My verdict:
The liquid lipstick is very pigmented that at one swipe, you get the shade on your lips. I only put one layer since it's matte and it tends to dry and make my lips chapped if I double the layer. So before I apply the lipstick, I make sure I apply lip balm so that it doesn't dry up that much. It lasts for about 3-4 hours so you have to retouch as needed if you're going to stay longer outside the house. It claims to be kiss-proof, and it seriously is. It also doesn't stain on glasses when I drink. After brushing my teeth, the color doesn't totally fade on the lips, however, when you have a lot of contact with water, it will brush off.

Will I repurchase? Yes, but maybe another shade.