Pixy Blush On (Passion Roses and Carnation Bloom) - REVIEW

Good morning sweeties! I am checking all of my make up collection - the ones I got for free on beauty events, and the ones I got from beauty subscription boxes - and I am thinking of doing reviews for each. I noticed I haven't even touched most, especially the eye shadows, (because I'm not into make ups that much), so I am also thinking of doing a blog sale, soon. You think it's a good idea? 

For today, I will be sharing my thoughts about these pink babies: Pixy Blush Ons in Passion Roses and Carnation Bloom. 
I received these blush-ons from the Pixy exclusive BDJ Box last April 2014 and the other one from a Pixy beauty event (I can't remember which is which), I haven't tried using both. My face is really sensitive when it comes to cosmetics that is why I am investing more on skin care products than make ups.

I got the Passion Roses and Carnation Bloom shade. The Passion Roses is a pink shade while the Carnation Bloom is in orange.

Price: Php285
Weight: 3.5g
Available in brown, pink, purple shades

Product Description:
Gives a softly-blended, natural highlight on cheekbones. 

My thoughts:
Pixy has a very attractive packaging. I admit that I fell in love with my very first BDJ Box when I received it because of its pink box and full-sized items. Its case is very sleek that it doesn't look cheep. The blush on has a very subtle color that can give your cheeks a natural rosy color. But it's not pigmented so you have to apply several layers before you can achieve your desired color. It adds a very small amount of shimmer when applied. The brush included is too small, so I suggest you use your own blush brush to achieve a better looking cheek color. This is fine for those ladies who doesn't want to look like a clown with excess blush. It is advisable for those who just want to add a touch of cheek glow, or those who are doing light make ups. It doesn't stay long on the face too. 

On the photo below, I tried my best to show the swatch, it's just that the blush is not very pigmented.

Repurchase? No.