My BDJ 2016 Dream Board

Happy Monday sweeties! I know it's a bit late to be showing my BDJ Dream Board for 2016. BDJ has already chosen a winner for this, but nonetheless, I will still share with you my dream board.

This is the first time I decorated my BDJ dream board since I had their planner. I don't know, I'm too lazy to work it out when I was still a BPO employee. Maybe because I have no time to decorate it since we are not allowed to bring personal stuffs inside the production floor, plus, my shift schedule is very complicated that I don't have time to even write something.

But now that it's easier for me to put things on my planner, I see to it that I update it everyday. Yay for being allowed to bring personal stuffs and decorate my desk! But I will be leaving this company sooner. I'll tell you why, soon.

Anyways, here's my BDJ Dream Board. See how I filled it up with travel destinations? Yep. Because I will be spending more time with myself and appreciating the beauty that I got, and what nature got. These travel destinations are just some of the places I want to visit. I'm hoping that I will be able to visit them this year. I'm really excited to spill some news but I'm still waiting for it to be official, so I'm still keeping it as a secret. Hihi.

On the next page, there's still a blank part. I'm still thinking about what to put there. Maybe a photo of the guy I'm going to marry? LOL! Or a quote that will envision my 2016 goals. I don't know. I'm still leaving that part blank. Because who knows, I might achieve something this year that is not listed on my dream board.

Creating a dream board makes me feel a bit pressure and motivated. Pressured in a way that I must do my best to achieve this goal. So I am not putting anything that is impossible to reach. I mean, there's still a whole year to plan and achieve these, right? I'm taking it slowly and I swear, 2016 is going to be a big year for me.

How about you, have you tried doing a dream board?