Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Wine Room 906D - Review & Swatch

Happy Monday sweeties! Wow it's the last week of November and by next week we're down to the last month of the year! I've been busy with blogger events last weekend so I wasn't able to update my blog, but here's my first update for the week.

I am in search for the perfect red lipstick that would match my pouty lips, coz you know, I'm not a fan of red lipsticks. I think this challenge is one of the BDJ Checklist for 2015: Find your signature red lipstick.

There are lots of lipsticks in the market, honestly. I have tried different testers on make up counters and what I hate about most lipsticks is when they are too glossy and sticky. Then it easily runs off when it dries. While I'm on the hunt on my signature red lipstick, I stumbled upon Glenda's online shop and tried Wet n Wild Mega Last in Wine Room. 

Unlike other lipsticks, Wet n Wild has this unique flat surface. Most lipsticks on make up counters usually have pointed sticks. Wine Room has red wine-like shade which will suit every skin tone. It best fits its name! I love that it is a matte finish lipstick because I hate the sticky feeling on my lips. Although there's one thing that I don't like:

  • Packaging: You have to be very careful on putting the cap if you don't want to ruin your lipstick. Seriously! I have stained my cap because it hit the stick when I was putting back the cap.

I'm not sure if it's totally pigmented, because if you can see on the photo above, on the right side is one swipe, and on the left is two swipes. So you can achieve the color on your lips on two swipes.

But on this photo, it's hard to wipe the color with wet tissue. So I'm a bit confused. Haha! But still I decided that this one is crazy pigmented and stays longer on my lips. I think for like 6-7 hours? It can easily be washed off when you're eating. 

Here's how it looks like on my lips.

How do you think does it look like on my lips? Does it look nice?

Have you tried Wet n Wild lipsticks? Share your thoughts.

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