Feel the Love with Whisper Skin Love All Day & All Night Pads

It's really hard to be a woman. We have to take care of ourselves in every possible way, especially our feminine hygiene. To prevent itch and odor, we have to choose the right pad during our red days. When I first had my period during my teenage years, I used to grab whatever is available and affordable, or use what my mom bought. But when I started to earn my own money, I realized that we should not compromise our feminine hygiene for what's available. We should always settle for the best, and quality sanitary pads, because it is our intimate area's hygiene.

Whisper recently launched Whisper Skin Love, the newest technology of sanitary napkin from Japan, and it is now here in the Philippines!

Whisper Skin Love All Night & Whisper Skin Love All Day/Night is designed with a gentle to skin, Japan-designed Air Dry Cushion Topsheet for 2X more air flow*, for a more breathable and comfortable experience. Even at 1/3rd the thickness, Whisper Skin Love guarantees 3X more absorbency** by pulling wetness deep into the bottom of the pad and away from your skin, to keep you fresh and confident. 

  • SOFT. It’s Japan-designed cushiony top sheet is made of soft curly fibers which are gentle to the skin ensuring maximum cushiony softness. It’s even softer than a hand towel.
  • BREATHABLE. Its Air Dry Cushion Topsheet allows 2x more airflow that let’s your skin breathe.
  • THIN YET ABSORBENT. Even at 1/3rd the thickness, it guarantees 3x more absorbency by pulling wetness deep into the bottom of the pad and away from your skin so you stay dry, fresh, and confident. Fluids are also locked by gel crystals that can absorb 40x their own weight to protect you from back leaks.
Let your skin breathe with this cushiony soft, super absorbent, and ultra-thin pad.

Price: PHP69 (6s; All Night - 31cm; 8s All Day/Night - 28cm)

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I really love its floral scent!

Available at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide.
Also available online at: www.lazada.com.ph/whisper

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