What do you do twice a week to keep you clean and sexy?

It's kinda hard to be a woman isn't it? You always have to take care of yourself. As in all inches of you. It's always a struggle when it comes to looking beautiful. But how do you define 'beautiful'?

Before, looking beautiful means being attractive based on physical appearance. Being sexy, being flawless -- that's how people define beautiful. But did you know that you can also be beautiful by being clean? Because Clean is the new Sexy!

Do you agree? 

Feminine hygiene is really important if you want to feel comfortable and confident with your own skin. It's like unleashing your inner sexiness, because sexy is no longer defined as a vital statistics of 36-24-36. Now, sexy is defined as an attitude because women have limitless opportunities ahead of them.

We, women, hate the feeling of discomfort down there. Name it, irritation, unwanted smell, and infections caused by germs and bacteria is a big no no! That feeling shouldn't be taken for granted because our health is really important to us.

That is why Betadine Feminine wash is here! It is a doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash that helps remove the un-sexy feeling, and boosts confidence and sexiness to all women. Cleaning our intimate area is a must for us to be always on the go.

What do I do twice a week to keep myself clean and sexy?

I have always wanted to achieve the perfect body. That is why I jog every weekend to shape my legs. I hate how my thighs are so big and I wanted to get rid of the excess fats. Although a bit tiring, I make sure jogging at least 1 to 2 hours every morning starts my day.

Since I have an 8-5 office schedule, most things I do for myself happens during weekends. I eat healthy foods on weekends and drink lots of water to push away all the junk.

I read books on weekends too. This is to recharge my mind with new ideas and thoughts, to also make my mind clean and sexy.

And now I have a new thing to do twice a week! With this Betadine feminine wash,  I can now feel clean and sexier! It has been advised by Obstetrician-Gynecologists that using Betadine Feminine wash twice a week, or everyday during red days, makes us feel fresh and clean. It was also prescribed to mothers after giving birth to heal the wounds So I gave it a try! There's no harm on trying new stuffs especially if it offers the best for you.

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