Sun. Sand. Sea Adventure | Sabang Beach Resort, Baler Aurora

I'm still not sure if summer has already ended. It's supposed to be rainy season but it's still scorchin' hot all over Metro, and even in the provinces. It's frustrating how you wanted to take a shower more than the usual number of times you do, since the moment you come out of the bathroom, sweat started to drip like crazy.

But anyway, no matter how we wanted to get rid of the sun, there's still fun ways to enjoy it.

Me and my friends are dying to see Baler. We're all in the hype of traveling and discovering the world, and what we aim to do is to visit the hidden islands of the Philippines. Sure, we wanted to enjoy our life and make the most out of it while we're still young. And here we are, starting to cross out all the beautiful attractions in the Philippines, on our bucket list.

Sabang Beach Resort is known to be Philippines' Surfing Capital, and the birthplace of surfing in the country. Tourists and surfing enthusiasts will really enjoy this summer destination because of the long gray sand stretch and strong waves coming from the east of the Pacific Ocean. Posh and classic hotels and accommodation surrounds the beach and although not the typical paradise beach with fine white sand, Sabang Beach Resort has its main attraction, which are the powerful waves, perfect for a surfing experience.

1 hour tutorial and surf board rental costs P350/head.

Although I haven't tried surfing, I could see the face of enjoyment when my friends had their take to ride the waves. The sand is fine and you wouldn't have to worry getting hurt or bruised when you fell off the board, since there are no little rocks underneath the waters. The instructors are very expert and they know the waves very well to tell you it's time to ride the waves.

The next time I visit Baler, I would try surfing.

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