Red Mango: My Sweet Confessions Parfait

Do you love eating ice cream but you don't want to take too much sweets and calories? Then you must try frozen yogurt for a guilt-free and healthy satisfaction of your craving!

We often crave for sweets and we couldn't deny it with our sweet tooth that sometimes, we want to have that certain taste and yet, we worry too much about getting fat or adding up calories.

Yesterday, at the BDJ Passion Series: Summer Creations, we made our own parfait at the Red Mango Katipunan branch. Just in case you were wondering what a parfait is, a parfait is a cold dessert with layers of fruits, ice cream, and syrups which in French, means "perfect".

It is the first time that Red Mango allowed visitors to create their own parfait at the counter. Just so you know, Red Mango was first opened in Seoul, Korea in 2002 and the first branch in the Philippines was opened at Trinoma in 2009. Basically, Red Mango sells frozen yogurts with the satisfaction of eating ice cream worry-free.

Red Mango's frozen yogurts contains Calcium good for the bones, Protein for the muscles, Enzymes that is good for digestion, and Probiotics good for the Immune System. It is also suggested for those who are Lactose Intolerant peeps since it has less milk.

My fellow Bellas at the counter, making their own parfaits

And of course, here's my very own Sweet Confessions parfait! Tadaaaa!

Food stylist, Beam Mariano, shared tips on how to style your own parfait. According to her, it is best to consider the style and at the same time, the taste of the food. It's really hard to pick, I want all ingredients in my cup. Haha. But let me share to you my parfait toppings:

From bottom to top: Sliced Almonds, Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate Chips, Crushed Graham, Sliced Peaches, Crushed Chocolate, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Frozen Yogurt, Muesli, and Chocolate Syrup.

All the sweets are in there, eh? I'm really a fan of chocolates and strawberries and I wanted the perfect taste of it together. So yeah, that's my Sweet Confessions Parfait! :)

I am trying out other parfaits soon.