#PerksOfABella : Red Mango Blueberry Graham Cheesecake

Hey loves! Happy summer! It's quite hot everywhere! Actually, it's not "quite", it's extremely and totally hot! I find myself eating ice cream, halo-halo, mais con yelo, and as in ever cold food and beverage I can think of. But that would be a lot of calorie count! But don't get me wrong, I love ice cream so much, especially cookies and cream, and double dutch!

But I want to get slim. I wanted to achieve my dream body within the year! It is one of the things I had on my wishlist. Luckily, I suddenly remembered that I am a certified BDJ Bella and being one, is very priceless since I get to enjoy a lot of perks! I checked my Perks of a Bella coupon book and I thought, why not try a refreshing dessert without adding up fats and calories?

I ordered Blueberry Graham Cheesecake with my friend. It's like eating a real Blueberry Cheesecake, only that it's yogurt. Imagine enjoying a dessert that's very guilt free! You can eat a lot without worrying how much calorie and fat you'll get.

Thanks to the BDJ Team for including Red Mango as one of your partner brands! I wish there would be more coupons like this! Hihi. I'm starting to love Red Mango now.