My two and a half years of ups and downs as a BPO Employee

I never dreamed of working as a call center agent, EVER in my life. I label it as a low class of employment with high pay, during my college days. I don't mean to degrade call center agents, but that was my point of view before I entered the world of BPO. For me, why would I even bother finish a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication just to sit for 8 long hours and answer calls and emails from irate customers? But call center companies have been very in demand of agents on their urgent one day hiring that almost 3/4 of the population of employed are call center agents. Who would have thought that the job I declined for so many times will be my very first job who taught me different things and lessons in life?

I was slowly losing hope of not getting a job four months after college college graduation. I applied on different media companies and publishing companies but it's either I am not satisfied or I get rejected. I knew it too well that my dream of being a writer wouldn't make me rich. But that was what I wanted (and wanting until now). Until the very first time I heard the words "Congratulations, you passed the final interview, you're hired!" from the HR in the company I applied for. It has been four long months and I was hired. I was very excited to be in the corporate world.

My stay paved way to meeting different set of people with different dreams and ambitions just like me. And they became my very first friends in the company. 

My wavemates, I have been with them during trainings, and before we were deployed to our designated teams, they are the people who gave me so much reasons to go to work everyday. One by one, we started to drift apart and had different set of friends. But these guys, they are forever going to be a part of my journey in life.

I couldn't count the actual number of photos I had with them. Probably a hundred, or maybe more than a thousand memories captured into photographs. That was how I spent almost all of my stay in the company. I have been with these goofs for almost two years and being with them everyday is a mixture of emotion. It's like a roller coaster life, full of ups and downs, challenges and achievements, friendships, and love. They are the people who made me laugh with their funny punch lines until I crack my last nerve, the ones who secretly made me cry, mad, and pissed off. Yet, despite the countless issues, they are the reason why I do my best at work. They are also my challengers and competitors. But they are also my friends and mentors.

I think one of the greatest challenge I had was to meet my monthly targets. I was entrusted to handle complex cases when I was deployed to my team and mentor other newbies as needed, which, according to my team lead, is my edge to my future career. I managed and I slowly learned how to do my work with less supervision from my mentors in 6 months. Luckily, there was a time when being a top performer was a total pressure from everybody. I am not even sure if I was deserving to be entrusted for those kind of complicated cases and yet I survived it for two years. Nobody told me it was not going to be easy. Sometimes, I am doing things that are no longer under the scope of my job description, but for two long years, I can proudly say that I have contributed innovative ideas and received a few recognition from the management.

However, time has come for me to move on and pursue my educational career goals. It has been a pleasure working with you guys! I wish the team well, and I'll see you around.


  1. Oh my! resigned ka na ? :D Eto na yung sinasabi mo? :D Go Go for your dreams!

    1. Oo Glenda. Hehe. Ayan ah tinotoo ko na. Sabi kasi nila antagal daw. Hehe. And yep, I'm chasing for my dreams now! :)

  2. We have the same perception before about the BPO industry but that perception has changed when I got the chance to work on Sutherland for a Summer program where I met new friends plus knowledge expansion during training is like just attending an ordinary Mass Comm class only deeper learnings and at night :D