That Thing Called Tadhana - Ultimate "Hugot" Movie of 2015

I have been seeing a lot of teasers (be it video, photo, text, and dialogues) about this movie since November 2014, and finally, after months of waiting and curiosity, I watched the ever trending indie love story, That Thing Called Tadhana.
 That Thing Called Tadhana is a romance-comedy film starring Angelica Panganiban (Mace) and JM de Guzman (Anthony) by Antoninette Jadone under Cinema One and Star Cinema. The film quetions "Where do broken hearts go?" and revolves on a story of two strangers who met in an airline in Rome, Italy, and as they both try out to aid their despair in love, they end up attempting to mend each others hearts.

With the heartfelt dialogues and realistic acting of Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman, surely, you'll find your way to relate and feel the pain and comic relief of the character. Angelica portrayed her role very well, exceeding my expectations upon reading some of the manuscript screenshots, and delivers her lines very powerful. While JM's character is in contrast with Angelica, he was the meek, but deep kind of man who at one side, also struggles on getting over the love he thought would last a lifetime. Although some scenes are so cheesy and corny, the actors portrayed it well. There are some parts where they act like they're reading the script, but you wouldn't notice it if you're not really the film-critic type of movie watcher.

The film showcased an exceptional story, giving us surprises through the power lines and bringing the feels of a person trying to move on from the pain. Although not totally a heartbreaking movie, That Thing Called Tadhana depicts a true picture of letting go, and how painful it is, and how someone will come to teach you how to forget how it feels. The idea of the arrow with a heart pierced through it is also a creative way of narrating the story.Of course, the official sound track Tadhana by Up Dharma Down is pretty obvious and fits the movie itself.

The cinematography is at its best for an indie film, and gives a step up to the mainstream romance movie. The open-ended movie ending deserves a sequel.

Watch the trailer here:

Rating: 5 out of 5

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