Residence Inn: For the Kids and Kids at Heart

If you happen to read my past blogs about Zoomanity Group, they are holding an event for the first three months of the year, every year, which is the Paradizoo: Power of Three. And in line with the celebration of the festive months of agriculture, we also visited a sister zoo, which is Residence Inn. Actually I went there for two consecutive weeks (Jan24 & Jan31), first was for the bloggers' Press Conference, and the latter was for a tourist-like bonding with my bros, but I'm going to share to you my experience at Residence Inn during my time with the bros. I'm going to have a comparison on my visit as a blogger, and as an ordinary visitor.

So before I share my experience, here's a short description of Residence Inn:

Residence Inn - a perfect get-away from a toxic busy city-life. Just a short drive from Metro Manila, enjoy a very comforting Caribbean – style air conditioned view-deck hotel rooms overlooking the majestic beauty of Taal Lake.
Experience a tranquil haven of soothing ambiance and picturesque view. Enjoy complete and clean amenities and facilities. Explore a magnificent garden featuring the exotic grandeur of flora and fauna.

Although most kids enjoy the stay at a zoo, Residence Inn is also for the kids at heart. Actually, we enjoyed our stay when I was with my friends. When we arrived, we watched the animal show first.

Then we ate their special Bulalo at the restaurant overlooking the Taal Lake. It's just so serene to be looking at the Taal Volcano, feeling the cold wind and eating a delicious, hot Bulalo. Since we became tourists on that day, food is not free. Roughly, we spent total of Php1,100 for the lunch we bought. Php595 for the Bulalo good for 5-6 persons, 10 cups of rice for Php25 each, and mixed vegetables with fish fillet for Php199. The food we ate kept us going until we go home. It was indeed, a heavy meal.

After our meal, we strolled around the zoo. Of course, my friends loves taking videos of everything as they are also managing a video blog on Youtube. You can check out their channel here.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to have a zipline and cable car ride, but during my blogger's visit, I experienced the thrill while I was hanged. Hihi. Here's a photo of me and my friend Glenda while we're flying. *LOL*.

We also had the chance to feed the baby tiger. Her name is Mikai, and 2 years old! See how big she is?

You can also find several souvenir shops inside

Here's a photo of me and my fellow bloggers.


Mind you, this blog wasn't sponsored nor paid for me to post good PR about the company. As a blogger, I am free to express my real experiences during the visit and I am saddened by the fact that at Residence Inn, if you're someone related to any "media" entity, you will be prioritized and treated as "VIPs". Yes, I experienced that during the blogger tour, but on the "ordinary individual" tour, I felt like we weren't even welcome to come to that place. Okay, the information office where you would pay the entrance fee's teller/attendant or whatever you call that person is just so rude to roll eyes on me while I was having an inquiry with her regarding the free shuttle service to Paradizoo. Just because we have the "free and discounted" ticket, doesn't mean that they have to treat us that way. They were even confusing when the teller told me that before we can enter Residence Inn, we must have gotten to Paradizoo first. It's crazy, since on our ticket, it was clearly stated there that we can avail a free shuttle from Residence Inn to Paradizoo. Meaning, the starting point would be Residence Inn. I think it took us half an hour waiting for their decision if they're going to let us in. I was already pissed off since we came from Manila and we haven't eaten lunch yet, and then you see unprofessional people around you. The teller was even raising her voice when I'm asking. She even aid that for us to avail the 50% off entrance to Residence Inn, we must pay the P299 rate when in fact, it's only P249 for the adults. If I haven't mentioned that I am a blogger or a part of a media entity, they wouldn't prioritize our concern. The shuttle was also late! We waited another 45 minutes after we ate for the shuttle. Paradizoo is closing by 5pm and yet the shuttle arrived 5:11PM. We arrived at Paradizoo amost 6pm and it's almost dark!

I really hate that day! Yes, the zoo and the whole place was all good. But the people managing it is.... ugh! I can't even think of any possible word to describe the poor customer service.

I must say that I enjoyed my stay because I'm with my friends, but I will never ever visit Residence Inn again, especially if it's not a blogger's event. 

If you want to give it a try, VISIT THEM:

Tagaytay Residence Inn
Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay, Philippines
Phone: (+63) +63922-717-2402 ask for Ms.Venuz

Disclosure: This visit was sponsored by Zoomanity Group for editorial purposes, but all contents are based on my opinion and experience during my visit.