TRAVEL: Exploring the Pristine Beauty of Anawangin


Hey lovees! This is a very late post haha. Still waiting for my friend if he can make a video presentation of our stay. So unfortunately, there will be lesser photos.  But once it’s done, I will reupdate the post since most of the memories taken are videos. Anyways, let me start this post to inform you that these photos are owned by my friends which was taken using their cameras. I didn’t take any photo as I want to enjoy the stay-cation. This is not my first adventure with them, but I promise that beginning today, I am so going to travel more.

So me and my friends went to Anawangin last December 28-30 before the year 2014 ended. Perfect year-ender, right? Let me share with you our awesome travel.

Anawangin is said to be the Gem of Zambales. With it’s crescent-shaped cove and white clear beach, Anawangin, surely has it’s unique beauty than all other beaches. Anawangin is sitting in the heart of San Antonio, Zambales and its main distinction are the towering pine trees around its vicinity.

What amazed me most is that, upon entering the main campsite, I saw a real nature’s beauty. There’ a lake! The lake is knee-deep.


The only way to reach Anawangin is by boat (45 mins) or by trekking (4-6 hours).

How to get there:

  • Take a bus (Victory Liner), going to Iba, Zambales. (Fare costs roughly Php270 including accident insurance).
    At the ticket booth, tell the teller that you are getting off San Antonio Public Market. That’s 3-4 hours away from Manila depending on traffic.

  • Earliest trip - Cubao (6:30am); Caloocan (4:30am)

  • When you reach the public market, ride a tricycle going to Pundaquit (Php30/head)

  • In Pundaquit, rent a boat going to Anawangin. Anawangin Cove is 45 minutes away from Pundaquit. Our boat rent is worth Php2,400 including gas stove, 2 gallons of water, ice box, and cookware

Actually, before we arrive at Pundaquit, we already have our contact Ate Lizel Agasa which is the wife of our boat man Kuya JR. You can contact them regarding arrangements, through this number: 09173809104. They are very accommodating. They even offered their house for us to stay on instead of lodging, since it will cost us too much. But since we brought our tents, we camped along the sea shore (Pundaquit) on our first night. We were on vacation for 3d2n.

(Morning view of our camp place at Pundaquit Island)

The next morning, we went to the market to buy our food. We also had our breakfast at Nora’s Restaurant and they serve really good food.

What you need to bring (aside from your toiletries and clothes):

Seriously. Bring these things if you really wanted to save money.

  1. Camping Tent - Unless you wanted to freeze all night, you should bring a camping tent. If you don’t have one, you can rent it on the resort for Php200 overnight.

  2. Lighter/Flashlight - Since there’s no electricity at all, you should bring any source of light. It’s very dark at night. Bonfire is helpful but if you want to roam around at night, you should have with you a flashlight (not a pocket flashlight, but a big flashlight). By the way, if you want to have a bonfire, you can find logs by the campsite or you can buy it for Php200 (Anwangin) Php100 (Pundaquit)

  3. Food/Drinks - You don’t want to starve, don’t you? So make sure you have food supply no matter how long you’re staying in the island. Since the place is isolated and far from town, there are no fast food chains and restaurants. Yes, there are small stores but they have very costly items.

  4. Ice Box/Thermos - If you’re a coffee person, you should have, at least, one big thermos for hot water. Because seriously, hot water costs 5 pesos per cup.

  5. Swiss Knife/Kitchenware - This one is helpful especially when opening your food when in can or in bottles.

  6. Insect Repellent

  7. Cookware - It’s kinda hassle to bring cookware from Manila to Zambales, you can borrow this from your contact person. As for us, this was included on our payment.

  8. Powerbank for your gadgets - if you like checking your gadgets every time, it is advisable for you to bring powerbanks since there’s no electricity in the island.

  9. Thick Jacket + Blanket - As in thick jacket especially if you’re travelling during the ber months, because it’s freezing cold.

  10. Cigarettes and Booze - if you’re a cigarette/booze person. I swear, these items are too expensive when you buy it on their stores!
We don’t have actual itinerary, we just wanted to chill so there’s no tour at all. We just have our bonding by the beach and on our tents, more videos, and chit chats.

Breakdown of Expenses:

  1. Bus to San Antoni Zambales - Php270

  2. Tricycle to Pundaquit - Php30/person

  3. Boat Rental (including cookware, 2 gallons of water, ice box, and gas stove) - Php2,400 or Php400/head for 6 persons 

  4. Overnight Fee - Php100

  5. Tricycle back to San Antonio - Php30/person

  6. Bus to Olongapo - Php40 - ordinary

  7. Bus to Manila - Php237

  8. Food
Actually, we have minimum of Php2,000 in our pockets since me and my friends like to eat. Hehe. We eat a lot and buy stuffs a lot. If you want to be thrifty enough, Php1,600 is good for 3d2n stay, but if you want to explore a lot of things, always bring extra money! ATMs are not available and even credit cards are not acceptable so bring extra cash.

Cellphone reception/signal is not advisable so if you really wanted to have a quiet stay and explore the beauty of the island, this one is perfect since you will be disconnected to the Manila life. The beach water is very clear and clean. Since it’s December, it’s very cold. I’m happy I bought a very thick jacket.

There are toilets and shower rooms within the vicinity where you can change your clothes/wash/take a bath.

Hope you like my first travel blog. Hoping to have more travel posts this year.

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  1. I still can't get over this great place I recently visited! This isn't only a good place. It is also one of the best around here. There isn't a listing of the unique offerings, although there should be! Party city locations NY were magnificent!