Review: Koshize True Secret Concealer in Natural Beige

Hi everyone! It’s been a very busy week, full of stress and so much more to do, that it’s only now that I got the chance to blog again. Anyways, to start off, I’ve been a Sophie Paris Dealer for about five years now and I’m very proud to say that I have been using their products and none of those are defective.

Let me share to you my catch on Koshize True Secret Concealer in Natural Beige



Koshize True Secret Concealer naturally minimizes imperfection by covering sign of fatigue and aging for an overall luminous and healthy look.

Price: Php 220





So the concealer comes in a small red box with silver prints. At the back of the box, you can find the ingredients, directions for use, manufacture and expiry date.




It comes in a very handy size that you can put it inside your pocket if you need some retouch.



  • Very easy to apply and spread

  • Gives medium coverage, and easily lightens the dark spots and blemishes

  • Lasts for 4-6 hours when applied. You just need powder or foundations if you’re not contented with the coverage.

  • Small size lasts for almost 2 months with everyday use. (Depending on how often you use it)

  • Affordable at price of PHP220.

  • Very handy

  • No need to coat several layers on the face as one swipe is enough to cover your blemishes because it has a thick consistency than concealer sticks.

  • Only two shades available.
Have you tried Koshize True Secret Concealer in Natural Beige?

Share your experiences! :)

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