Review: Maybelline New York Watershine Pure Lipstick in #CR31

I don’t buy high end brands of lipsticks, honestly. By high-end I mean, the biggest brands here in the Philippines. I use Sophie Paris J’Adore Lipsticks because I like the shades when applied on the lips. Usually, I get those lipsticks as a gift.

If you have been reading my past posts, I have mentioned that I’m not into red lipsticks. So I got this lippie from a friend. She gave it to me as a birthday present.

Here’s my catch on Maybelline New York’s Watershine Pure Lipstick in #CR31:


  • It’s like a tinted lip balm that makes my lips feel so full and quite sticky.

  • It looks watery (of course it’s watershine) and glossy on the lips.

  • It has a pinky-red shade.

  • Yes, it’s like a lip lotion that moisturizes the lips, so if you want your chapped lips to be moisturized, you should try this one.

  • It has a short staying power. I think mine only lasted for like 2-3 hours? Maybe because I tried to eat after. 

  • It easily fades, because it’s not matte.

  • I don’t like the oily feeling

  • When I wipe it out using tissue, it can easily be removed.

  • I love the shade, though. It’s like magenta color.

  • It doesn’t easily color your lips. Still needs 4-5 layers of application before you get the color you desire.



  • This lipstick will work for those Pinay beauties who loves glossy lips. If you’re into glossy lipsticks, you might like this one. I’m more into matte lipsticks.

  • This will also be a plus to those who doesn’t care about the staying power of the lipstick, just the color.

How about you, have you tried Maybelline New York’s Watershine Pure Lipstick in #CR31?

Share your experiences. :)